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Inaugural Address of George W. Bush January 20 2001 President Clinton distinguished guests and my fellow citizens: The peaceful transfer of authority is rare in history yet common in our country. With asimple oath we affirm old traditions and make new beginnings. As I begin I thank President Clinton for his service to our nation and I thank VicePresident Gore for a contest conducted with spirit and ended with grace. I am honored and humbled to stand here where so many of Americas leaders havecome before me and so many will follow. We have a place all of us in a long story. A story we continue but whose end we willnot see. It is the story of a new world that became a friend and liberator of the old a storyof a slave-holding society that became a servant of freedom the story of a power thatwent into the world to protect but not possess to defend but not to conquer. It is theAmerican story. A story of flawed and fallible people united across the generations bygrand and enduring ideals. The grandest of these ideals is an unfolding American promisethat everyone belongs that everyone deserves a chance that no insignificant person wasever born. Americans are called upon to enact this promise in our lives and in our lawsand though our nation has sometimes halted and sometimes delayed we must follow noother course. Through much of the last century Americas faith in freedom and democracy was arock in a raging sea. Now it is a seed upon the wind taking root in many nations. Ourdemocratic faith is more than the creed of our country it is the inborn hope of ourhumanity an ideal we carry but do not own a trust we bear and pass along and evenafter nearly 225 years we have a long way yet to travel. While many of our citizens prosper others doubt the promise even the justice of ourown country. The ambitions of some Americans are limited by failing schools and hiddenprejudice and the circumstances of their birth and sometimes our differences run so deepit seems we share a continent but not a country. We do not accept this and we will notallow it. Our unity our union is the serious work of leaders and citizens in everygeneration and this is my solemn pledge I will work to build a single nation of justice andopportunity. I know this is in our reach because we are guided by a power larger thanourselves who creates us equal in His image and we are confident in principles that uniteand lead us onward. America has never been united by blood or birth or soil. We are bound by ideals thatmove us beyond our backgrounds lift us above our interests and teach us what it meansto be citizens. Every child must be taught these principles. Every citizen must uphold themand every immigrant by embracing these ideals makes our country more not lessAmerican. Today we affirm a new commitment to live out our nations promise through civilitycourage compassion and character. America at its best matches a commitment toprinciple with a concern for civility. A civil society demands from each of us good will andrespect fair dealing and forgiveness. Some seem to believe that our politics can afford tobe petty because in a time of peace the stakes of our debates appear small. But thestakes for America are never small. If our country does not lead the cause of freedom itwill not be led. If we do not turn the hearts of children toward knowledge and character wewill lose their gifts and undermine their idealism. If we permit our economy to drift anddecline the vulnerable will suffer most. We must live up to the calling we share. Civility isnot a tactic or a sentiment. It is the determined choice of trust over cynicism of communityover chaos. This commitment if we keep it is a way to shared accomplishment. America at its best is also courageous. Our national courage has been clear in timesof depression and war when defending common dangers defined our common good.Now

we must choose if the example of our fathers and mothers will inspire us or condemnus. We must show courage in a time of blessing by confronting problems instead ofpassing them on to future generations. Together we will reclaim Americas schools before ignorance and apathy claim moreyoung lives we will reform Social Security and Medicare sparing our children fromstruggles we have the power to prevent we will reduce taxes to recover the momentumof our economy and reward the effort and enterprise of working Americans we will buildour defenses beyond challenge lest weakness invite challenge and we will confrontweapons of mass destruction so that a new century is spared new horrors.The enemies of liberty and our country should make no mistake America remainsengaged in the world by history and by choice shaping a balance of power that favorsfreedom. We will defend our allies and our interests we will show purpose withoutarrogance we will meet aggression and bad faith with resolve and strength and to allnations we will speak for the values that gave our nation birth. America at its best is compassionate. In the quiet of American conscience we knowthat deep persistent poverty is unworthy of our nations promise. Whatever our views ofits cause we can agree that children at risk are not at fault. Abandonment and abuse arenot acts of God they are failures of love. The proliferation of prisons however necessaryis no substitute for hope and order in our souls. Where there is suffering there is duty.Americans in need are not strangers they are citizens not problems but priorities and allof us are diminished when any are hopeless. Government has great responsibilities forpublic safety and public health for civil rights and common schools. Yet compassion is thework of a nation not just a government. Some needs and hurts are so deep they will onlyrespond to a mentors touch or a pastors prayer. Church and charity synagogue andmosque lend our communities their humanity and they will have an honored place in ourplans and in our laws. Many in our country do not know the pain of poverty but we canlisten to those who do. I can pledge our nation to a goal When we see that woundedtraveler on the road to Jericho we will not pass to the other side. America at its best is a place where personal responsibility is valued and expected.Encouraging responsibility is not a search for scapegoats it is a call to conscience.Though it requires sacrifice it brings a deeper fulfillment. We find the fullness of life notonly in options but in commitments. We find that children and community are thecommitments that set us free. Our public interest depends on private character on civicduty and family bonds and basic fairness on uncounted unhonored acts of decencywhich give direction to our freedom. Sometimes in life we are called to do great things. Butas a saint of our times has said every day we are called to do small things with great love.The most important tasks of a democracy are done by everyone. I will live and lead bythese principles to advance my convictions with civility to pursue the public interest withcourage to speak for greater justice and compassion to call for responsibility and try tolive it as well. In all of these ways I will bring the values of our history to the care of ourtimes. What you do is as important as anything government does. I ask you to seek acommon good beyond your comfort to defend needed reforms against easy attacks toserve your nation beginning with your neighbor. I ask you to be citizens. Citizens notspectators citizens not subjects responsible citizens building communities of serviceand a nation of character. Americans are generous and strong and decent not because we believe in ourselvesbut because we hold beliefs beyond ourselves. When this spirit of citizenship is missingno government program can replace it. When this spirit is present no wrong can standagainst it. After the Declaration of Independence was signed Virginia statesman John Pagewrote to Thomas Jefferson We know the race is not to the swift nor the battle to thestrong.

Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm Much timehas passed since Jefferson arrived for his inauguration. The years and changesaccumulate but the themes of this day he would know our nations grand story ofcourage and its simple dream of dignity. We are not this storys author who fills time and eternity with His purpose. Yet Hispurpose is achieved in our duty and our duty is fulfilled in service to one another. Nevertiring never yielding never finishing we renew that purpose today to make our countrymore just and generous to affirm the dignity of our lives and every life. This work continues. This story goes on. And an angel still rides in the whirlwind anddirects this storm. God bless you all and God bless America.参考中文翻译: 乔治-布什 2001 年就职演说 谢谢大家 尊敬的芮恩奎斯特大法官,卡特总统,布什总统,克林顿总统,尊敬的来宾们,我的同胞们, 这次权利的和平过渡在历史上是罕见的,但在美国是平常的。我们以朴素的宣誓庄严地维护了古老的传统,同时开始了新的历程。 首先,我要感谢克林顿总统为这个国家作出的贡献,也感谢副总统戈尔在竞选过程中的热情与风度。 站在这里,我很荣幸,也有点受宠若惊。在我之前,许多美国领导人从这里起步在我之后,也会有许多领导人从这里继续前进。 在美国悠久的历史中,我们每个人都有自己的位置我们还在继续推动着历史前进,但是我们不可能看到它的尽头。这是一部新世界的发展史,是一部后浪推前浪的历史。这是一部美国由奴隶制社会发展成为崇尚自由的社会的历史。这是一个强国保护而不是占有世界的历史,是捍卫而不是征服世界的历史。这就是美国史。它不是一部十全十美的民族发展史,但它是一部在伟大和永恒理想指导下几代人团结奋斗的历史。 这些理想中最伟大的是正在慢慢实现的美国的承诺,这就是:每个人都有自身的价值,每个人都有成功的机会,每个人天生都会有所作为的。美国人民肩负着一种使命,那就是要竭力将这个诺言变成生活中和法律上的现实。虽然我们的国家过去在追求实现这个承诺的途中停滞不前甚至倒退,但我们仍将坚定不移地完成这一使命。 在上个世纪的大部分时间里,美国自由民主的信念犹如汹涌大海中的岩石。现在它更像风中的种子,把自由带给每个民族。在我们的国家,民主不仅仅是一种信念,而是全人类的希望。民主,我们不会独占,而会竭力让大家分享。民主,我们将铭记于心并且不断传播。225 年过去了,我们仍有很长的路要走。 有很多公民取得了成功,但也有人开始怀疑,怀疑我们自己的国家所许下的诺言,甚至怀疑它的公正。失败的教育,潜在的偏见和出身的环境限制了一些美国人的雄心。有时,我们的分歧是如此之深,似乎我们虽身处同一个大陆,但不属于同一个国家。我们不能接受这种分歧,也无法容许它的存在。我们的团结和统一,是每一代领导人和每一个公民的严肃使命。在此,我郑重宣誓:我将竭力建设一个公正、充满机会的统一国家。我知道这是我们的目标,因为上帝按自己的身形创造了我们,上帝高于一切的力量将引导我们前进。 对这些将我们团结起来并指引我们向前的原则,我们充满信心。血缘、出身或地域从未将美国联合起来。只有理想,才能使我们心系一处,超越自己,放弃个人利益,并逐步领会何谓公民。每个孩子都必须学习这些原则。每个公民都必须坚持这些原则。每个移民,只有接受这些原则,才能使我们的国家不丧失而更具美国特色今天,我们在这里重申一个新的信念,即通过发扬谦恭、勇气、同情心和个性的精神来实现我们国家的理想。美国在它最鼎盛时也没忘记遵循谦逊有礼的原则。一个文明的社会需要我们每个人品质优良,尊重他人,为人公平和宽宏大量。 有人认为我们的政治制度是如此的微不足道,因为在和平年代,我们所争论的话题都是无关紧要的。但是,对我们美国来说,我们所讨论的问题从来都不是什么小事。如果我们不领导和平事业,那么和平将无人来领导如果我们不引导我们的孩子们真心地热爱知识、发挥个性,他们的天分将得不到发挥,理想将难以实现。如果我们不采取适当措施,任凭经济衰退,最大的受害者将是平民百姓。 我们应该时刻听取时代的呼唤。谦逊有礼不是战术也不是感情用事。这是我们最坚定的选择--在批评声中赢得信任在混乱中寻求统一。如果遵循这样的承诺,我们将会享有共同的成就。 美国有强大的国力作后盾,将会勇往直前。 在

大萧条和战争时期,我们的人民在困难面前表现得无比英勇,克服我们共同的困难体现了我们共同的优秀品质。现在,我们正面临着选择,如果我们作出正确的选择,祖辈一定会激励我们如果我们的选择是错误的,祖辈会谴责我们的。上帝正眷顾着这个国家,我们必须显示出我们的勇气,敢于面对问题,而不是将它们遗留给我们的后代。 我们要共同努力,健全美国的学校教育,不能让无知和冷漠吞噬更多的年轻生命。我们要改革社会医疗和保险制度,在力所能及的范围内拯救我们的孩子。我们要减低税收,恢复经济,酬劳辛勤工作的美国人民。我们要防患于未然,懈怠会带来麻烦。我们还要阻止武器泛滥,使新的世纪摆脱恐怖的威胁。 反对自由和反对我们国家的人应该明白:美国仍将积极参与国际事务,力求世界力量的均衡,让自由的力量遍及全球。这是历史的选择。我们会保护我们的盟国,捍卫我们的利益。我们将谦逊地向世界人民表示我们的目标。我们将坚决反击各种侵略和不守信用的行径。我们要向全世界宣传孕育了我们伟大民族的价值观。 正处在鼎盛时期的美国也不缺乏同情心。当我们静心思考,我们就会明了根深蒂固的贫穷根本不值得我国作出承诺。无论我们如何看待贫穷的原因,我们都必须承认,孩子敢于冒险不等于在犯错误。放纵与滥用都为上帝所不容。这些都是缺乏爱的结果。监狱数量的增长虽然看起来是有必要的,但并不能代替我们心中的希望-人人遵纪守法。 哪里有痛苦,我们的义务就在哪里。对我们来说,需要帮助的美国人不是陌生人,而是我们的公民不是负担,而是急需救助的对象。当有人陷入绝望时,我们大家都会因此变得渺小。 对公共安全和大众健康,对民权和学校教育,政府都应负有极大的责任。然而,同情心不只是政府的职责,更是整个国家的义务。有些需要是如此的迫切,有些伤痕是如此的深刻,只有导师的爱抚、牧师的祈祷才能有所感触。不论是教堂还是慈善机构、犹太会堂还是清真寺,都赋予了我们的社会它们特有的人性,因此它们理应在我们的建设和法律上受到尊重。 我们国家的许多人都不知道贫穷的痛苦。但我们可以听到那些感触颇深的人们的倾诉。我发誓我们的国家要达到一种境界:当我们看见受伤的行人倒在远行的路上,我们决不会袖手旁观。 正处于鼎盛期的美国重视并期待每个人担负起自己的责任。 鼓励人们勇于承担责任不是让人们充当替罪羊,而是对人的良知的呼唤。虽然承担责任意味着牺牲个人利益,但是你能从中体会到一种更加深刻的成就感。 我们实现人生的完整不单是通过摆在我们面前的选择,而且是通过我们的实践来实现。我们知道,通过对整个社会和我们的孩子们尽我们的义务,我们将得到最终自由。 我们的公共利益依赖于我们独立的个性依赖于我们的公民义务,家庭纽带和基本的公正依赖于我们无数的、默默无闻的体面行动,正是它们指引我们走向自由。 在生活中,有时我们被召唤着去做一些惊天动地的事情。但是,正如我们时代的一位圣人所言,每一天我们都被召唤带着挚爱去做一些小事情。一个民主制度最重要的任务是由大家每一个人来完成的。 我为人处事的原则包括:坚信自己而不强加于人,为公众的利益勇往直前,追求正义而不乏同情心,勇担责任而决不推卸。我要通过这一切,用我们历史上传统价值观来哺育我们的时代。 同胞们,你们所做的一切和政府的工作同样重要。我希望你们不要仅仅追求个人享受而忽略公众的利益要捍卫既定的改革措施,使其不会轻易被攻击要从身边小事做起,为我们的国家效力。我希望你们成为真正的公民,而不是旁观者,更不是臣民。你们应成为有责任心的公民,共同来建设一个互帮互助的社会和有特色的国家。 美国人民慷慨、强大、体面,这并非因为我们信任我们自己,而是因为我们拥有超越我们自己的信念。一旦这种公民精神丧失了,无论何种政府计划都无法弥补它。一旦这种精神出现了,无论任何错误都无法抗衡它。 在《独立宣言》签署之后,弗吉尼亚州的政治家约翰佩齐曾给托马斯杰弗逊写信说:我们知道,身手敏捷不一定就能赢得比赛,力量强大不一定就能赢得战争。难道这一切不都是上帝安排的吗 杰斐逊就任总统的那个年代离我们已经很远了。时光飞逝,美国发生了翻天覆地的变化。但是有一点他肯定能够预知,即我们这个时代的主题仍然是:我们国家无畏向前的恢宏故事和它追求尊严的纯朴梦想。 我们不是这个故事的作者,是杰斐逊作者本人的伟大理想穿越时空,

并通过我们每天的努力在变为现实。我们正在通过大家的努力在履行着各自的职责。 带着永不疲惫、永不气馁、永不完竭的信念,今天我们重树这样的目标:使我们的国家变得更加公正、更加慷慨,去验证我们每个人和所有人生命的尊严。 这项工作必须继续下去。这个故事必须延续下去。上帝会驾驭我们航行的。 愿上帝保佑大家愿上帝保佑美国


First Inaugural Address of William Jefferson Clinton January 20, 1993

比尔 克林顿 第一次就职演讲 星期三,1993年1月20日

My fellow citizens:

Today we celebrate the mystery of American renewal.今天,我们庆祝美国复兴的奇迹。 This ceremony is held in the depth of winter. But, by the words we speak and the faces we show the world, we force the spring. A spring reborn in the world's oldest democracy, that brings forth the vision and courage to reinvent America.这个仪式虽在隆冬举行,然而,我们通过自己的言语和向世界展示的面容、却促使春回大地--回到了世界上这个最古老的民主国家,并带来了重新创造美国的远见和勇气。

When our founders boldly declared America's independence to the world and our purposes to the Almighty, they knew that America, to endure, would have to change. Not change for change's sake, but change to preserve America's ideals; life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Though we march to the music of our time, our mission is timeless. Each generation of Americans must define what it means to be an American. On behalf of our nation, I salute my predecessor, President Bush, for his half-century of service to America.

当我国的缔造者勇敢地向世界宣布美国独立,并向上帝表明自 己的目的时,他们知道,美国若要永存,就必须变革。不是为变革而变革,而是为了维护美国的理想--为了生命、自由和追求幸福而变革。尽管我们随着当今时代 的节拍前进,但我们的使命永恒不变。每一代美国人,部必须为作为一个美国人意味着什么下定义。为此我谨代表我国人民向我的前任布什总统致意,感谢他半个世纪以来为美国所作出的贡献。

And I thank the millions of men and women whose steadfastness and sacrifice triumphed over Depression, fascism and Communism.我还要向千百万男女表示谢忱,他们坚定不移,勇于牺牲,先后战胜了大萧条,法西斯主义和共产主义。Today, a generation raised in the shadows of the Cold War assumes new responsibilities in a world warmed by the sunshine of freedom but threatened still by ancient hatreds and new plagues.今天,在冷战阴影下成长起来的一代人,在世界上负起了新的责 任。这个世界虽然沐浴着自由的阳光但仍受到旧仇宿怨和新的祸患的威胁。 Raised in uivaled prosperity, we inherit an economy that is still the world's strongest, but is weakened by business failures, stagnant wages, increasing inequality, and deep divisions among our people.我们在无与伦比的繁荣中长大,继承了仍然是世界上最强大的经济。但由于企业倒闭,工资增长停滞、不平等状况加剧,人民的分歧加深,我们的经济已经削弱。When George Washington first took the oath I have just sworn to uphold, news traveled slowly across the land by horseback and across the ocean by boat. Now, the sights and sounds of this ceremony are broadcast instantaneously to billions around the world.当乔治 华盛顿第一次宣读我刚才宜读的誓言时,人们骑马把 那个信息缓慢地传遍大地,继而又来船把它传过海洋。而现在,这个仪式的情景和声音即刻向全球几十亿人播放。

Communications and commerce are global; investment is mobile; technology is almost magical; and ambition for a better life is now universal. We earn our livelihood (生计)in peaceful competition with people all across the earth.通信和商务具有全球性,投资具有流动性;技术几 乎具有魔力;改善生活的理想现在具有普遍性。


Profound and powerful forces are shaking and remaking our world, and the urgent question of our time is whether we can make change our friend and not our enemy.各种深远而强大的力量正在震撼和改造我们的世界,当今时代的当务之急是我们能否使变革成为我们的朋]友,而不是成为我们的敌人。

This new world has already eiched the lives of millions of Americans who are able to compete and win in it. But when most people are working harder for less; when others cannot work at all; when the cost of health care devastates (压垮)families and threatens to bankrupt many of our enterprises, great and small; when fear of crime robs law-abiding citizens of their freedom; and when millions of poor children cannot even imagine the lives we are calling them to lead, we have not made change our friend. 这个新世界已经使几百万能够参与竞争并且取胜的美国人过上 了富裕的生活。但是,当多数人干得越多反而挣得越少的时候,当有些人根本不可能工作的时候,当保健费用的重负使众多家庭不堪承受、使大大小小的企业濒临破 产的时候,当犯罪活动的恐惧使守法公民不能自由行动的时候,当千百万贫穷儿童甚至不能想象我们呼唤他们过的那种生活的时候,我们就没有使变革成为我们的朋友。

We know we have to face hard truths and take strong steps. But we have not done so. Instead, we have drifted, and that drifting has eroded our resources, fractured (折断)our economy, and shaken our confidence.

我们知道,我们必须面对严酷的事实真相,并采取强有力的步骤。但我们没有这样做,而是听之任之,以致损耗了我们的资源,破坏了我们的经济,动摇了我们 的信心。Though our challenges are fearsome, so are our strengths. And Americans have ever been a restless, questing, hopeful people. We must bring to our task today the vision and will of those who came before us.我们面临惊人的挑战,但我们同样具有惊人的力量,美国人历来是不安现状、不断追求和充满希望的民族,今天,我们必须把前人的远见卓识和坚强意志带到我们的任务中去。

From our revolution, the Civil War, to the Great Depression to the civil rights movement, our people have always mustered the determination to construct from these crises the pillars of our history.


Thomas Jefferson believed that to preserve the very foundations of our nation, we would need dramatic change from time to time. Well, my fellow citizens, this is our time. Let us embrace it.托马斯 杰斐逊认为,为了维护我国的根基,我们需要时常进行激动人心的变革。美国同胞们,我们的时代就是变革的时代,让我们拥抱这个时代吧!

Our democracy must be not only the envy of the world but the engine of our own renewal. There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.我们的民主制度不仅要成为举世称羡的目标,而且要成为举国复兴的动力。And so today, we pledge an end to the era of deadlock and drift; a new season of American renewal has begun.因此,我们今天立下誓言,要结束这个僵持停顿、放任自流的时代,一个复兴美国的新时代已经开始。 To renew America, we must be bold. We must do what no generation has had to do before.

We must invest more in our own people, in their jobs, in their future, and at the same time cut our massive debt. And we must do so in a world in which we must compete for every opportunity. It will not be easy; it will require sacrifice. But it can be done, and done fairly, not choosing sacrifice for its own sake, but for our own sake. We must provide for our nation the way a family provides for its children.我们必须更多地投资于人民,投资于他们的工作和未来, Our Founders saw themselves in the light of posterity. We can do no less. Anyone who has ever watched a child's eyes wander into sleep knows what posterity is. Posterity is the world to come; the world for whom we hold our ideals, from whom we have borrowed our planet, and to whom we bear sacred responsibility. We must do what America does best: offer more opportunity to all and demand responsibility from all.我国的缔造者是用子孙后代的眼光来审视自己的。我们也必须 这样做。凡是注意过孩子朦胧睡眼的人,都知道后代意味着什么,后代就是世界的未来--我们为之坚持自己的理想,我们向之借用这个星球,我们对之负有神圣的责任。我们必须做美国最拿手的事情:为所有的人提供更多的机会,要所有的人负起更多的责任。

It is time to break the bad habit of expecting something for nothing, from our government or from each other. Let us all take more responsibility, not only for ourselves and our families but for our communities and our country. To renew America, we must revitalize our democracy.现在是破除只求向政府和别人免费索取的恶习的时候了。让我们大家不仅为自己和家庭,而且为社区和国家担负起更多的责任吧。我们要复兴美国,就必须恢复我们民主制度的活力。 This beautiful capital, like every capital since the dawn of civilization, is often a place of intrigue and calculation. Powerful people maneuver for position and worry endlessly about who is in and who is out, who is up and who is down, forgetting those people whose toil and sweat sends us here and pays our way.这个美丽的首都,就像文明的曙光出现以来的每一个首都一样,常常是尔虞我诈、明争暗斗之地。大腕人物争权夺势,没完没了地为官员的更替升降而烦神,却忘记了那些用辛勤和汗水把我们送到这里来,并养活了我们的人。

Americans deserve better, and in this city today, there are people who want to do better. And so I say to all of us here, let us resolve to reform our politics, so that power and privilege no longer shout down the voice of the people. Let us put aside personal advantage so that we can feel the pain and see the promise of America. Let us resolve to make our government a place for what Franklin Roosevelt called "bold, persistent experimentation," a government for our tomorrows, not our yesterdays. Let us give this capital back to the people to whom it belongs. 国人理应得到更好的回报。在这个城市里,今天有人想把事 情办得更好一些。因此我要时所有在场的人说:让我们下定决

心改革政治,使权力和特权的喧嚣不再压倒人民的呼声。让我们撇开个人利益。这样我们就能觉察美国的病痛,并看到美国的希望。让我们下定决心,使政府成为富兰克林 罗斯福所说的进行"大胆而持久试验"的地方,成为一个面向未来而不是留恋过去的政府。让 我们把这个首都归还给它所属于的人民。

To renew America, we must meet challenges abroad as well at home. There is no longer division between what is foreign and what is domestic; the world economy, the world environment, the world AIDS crisis, the world arms race; they affect us all.我们要复兴美国,就必须迎接国内外的种种挑战。国外和国内事务之间已不再有明确的界限--世界经济,世界环境,世界艾滋病危机,世界军备竞赛,这一切都在影响着我们大家。 Today, as an old order passes, the new world is more free but less stable. Communism's collapse has called forth old animosities and new dangers.Clearly America must continue to lead the world we did so much to make. 今天,由于旧秩序已经过去,这个世界更加自由,但同时也更不安定,共产主义的崩溃唤起了原有的仇恨,

造成了新的威胁。显然,美国应当继续领导这个我们曾经倾注心血所造成的世界。 While America rebuilds at home, we will not shrink from the challenges, nor fail to seize the opportunities, of this new world. Together with our friends and allies, we will work to shape change, lest it engulf us.

我们在国内进行重建的同时,面对这个新世界的挑战不会退缩不前,也下会坐失良机。我们将同盟友一起努力进行变革,以免被变革所吞没。When our vital interests are challenged, or the will and conscience of the international community is defied, we will act; with peaceful diplomacy when ever possible, with force when necessary. The brave Americans serving our nation today in the Persian Gulf, in Somalia, and wherever else they stand are testament to our resolve.当《美国总统克林顿两届就职演讲稿》出自:巴哥网
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